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5 Reasons to Install a Firepit

A firepit can be an excellent addition to any home. These bright features offer many benefits. They are a socialization spot and are enjoyable for large groups, small families, couples and individuals.

A firepit has other benefits as well, possibly serving as an anchor point for your outdoor design and landscaping. Those who have a particular aesthetic in mind for their outdoor space could find that a carefully chosen firepit might be the piece they are missing.

A firepit can be adapted to almost any outdoor space. There are many designs to choose from with different options depending on your space, budget and personal preferences. These features also come in wood burning, gas or propane models. For those who are inclined toward crafts and building, taking on a firepit as a DIY project is relatively easy. When looking for a feature to add beauty and value to your home, take time to consider the various benefits of a firepit.

Social Center

Firepits create a social center for your home and family. The light and visual interest of the flames provide a natural gathering point for those in the home while encouraging conversation and bonding. There’s a reason that spending time around a fire is traditionally associated with storytelling. By installing this feature, you can encourage your family to spend quality time together. This also means you will have an added social element for any parties or gatherings at your home.

Certain activities are perfect for firepits and encourage social bonding. Provided the design of the firepit is suitable, you could use it to toast marshmallows or heat hotdogs, for example. These types of activities can be enhanced if you add built-in seating around your firepit to make a conversation area.

Outdoor Appeal

A firepit is a way to get your family or friends outside during any gathering. The idea of spending time outdoors may often seem pleasant, but since food and activities usually take place indoors, it can be hard to move your gathering to the open air. A firepit can offer an excuse to head into the yard and enjoy nature.

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One of the added benefits of a firepit is its warmth. Your family and friends can enjoy a firepit even in cooler weather when you may not otherwise be comfortable outdoors. Sitting close, you can take in the outside ambience without becoming too chilly. You could even have blankets set aside for those who want to sit around the firepit during a seasonal winter or fall gathering.

At the same time, a firepit is also enjoyable during the summer. You may not want to gather close to a large firepit on a hot afternoon, but it can provide a nostalgic campfire element to a summer night outdoors.

Options for Your Space

There are several types of firepit, making this feature available for almost any space. You can choose the type you want based on your personal preferences, as well as what will work best in your outdoor area. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • A wood-burning firepit may be considered the classic option. The smell of woodsmoke might be a bonus for some, and it could be possible to use this type of firepit as a grill. Wood-burning firepits can be built-in, stationary or portable features. However, some areas do not permit wood burning.
  • A propane firepit can be a good option for those who want an easy-to-use firepit. The propane canister will be attached to the firepit directly, and you can turn on the flame easily. This means you do not have to spend time fetching, arranging and lighting wood. Propane would also be suitable for a portable firepit, although the fuel is more expensive than other options.
  • A natural gas firepit is a more cost-effective option than propane, with the same benefits of an immediate flame. However, you will need to supply a gas line to feed the firepit, so your pit will not be portable.

It is important to ensure you have adequate space for your firepit, as there should be no danger that it will cause any nearby vegetation to catch fire. Make sure you’re aware of applicable local codes in your area and apply for any necessary clearances. These tasks should be relatively simple, however, and they mean you can enjoy your firepit with no concerns.

Adding Outdoor Design

There are a huge variety of design options for firepits. If you’re interested in creating your own, you can select the materials yourself from a home or hardware store. You can ask for advice when choosing a metal firepit liner and selecting a heat-resistant stone. The design will then be up to you.

You can purchase pre-made firepits, for which there are many options. Some are designed to be built into the ground, made of stone or concrete. Others are in the form of large bowls, made of various materials and styles. An alternative to a more traditional firepit is the fire table. This is a raised platform on which fires can be lit.

There are a few ways you can use your firepit to reflect your style choices. You could opt for a sleek, minimalist look, with smooth sides and clean lines. You can also go with a rustic, vintage style through the use of warm colored stones. The stones or pebbles in the center of the pit can also make a big visual impact, depending on their color, size and shape. You might even use heat-resistant crystals instead of rocks for an instant style effect.

Property Value

If you own your property and plan to sell your home at some point, adding a firepit might result in an increased market appeal. The social benefits and comforting aspects of a firepit could draw the interest of potential buyers.

As well as adding visual appeal, a built-in firepit could have the potential to directly impact the value of your home. With the increased popularity that firepits have seen in recent years, many buyers might be willing to pay for such an addition.

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