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13 Hacks Professional Cleaners Swear By

Cleaning your home does not have to be a grueling chore. Professional cleaners learn and discover hacks for various cleaning jobs that help them to complete difficult cleaning tasks in an efficient manner and cost-effective time-frame.

Most professional cleaning hacks require no fancy equipment or specialty products beyond what any common household keeps on hand. Many of the hacks and cleaning supplies you can make yourself for pennies.

That means you can learn from the lessons of professional cleaners and clean your home and belongings more quickly, cheaply and effectively without enduring the cost of hiring a professional cleaner.  Some professional cleaning hacks involve certain everyday household products you can use to clean stubborn items or stains. Other hacks involve ways to adjust your habits around the home to make cleaning easier and keep your home cleaner to begin with.

1. Forget the Bucket

Cleaning buckets are heavy to carry around, and they tend to splash dirty water everywhere. Professional cleaners often do without cleaning buckets. Instead, they mix or dilute their cleaning solutions directly into spray bottles and spray them onto objects and surfaces.

2. Cleaning Supplies in Every Room

Instead of keeping all your cleaning supplies stored in one cabinet or closet, stock each room of your home with the cleaning supplies needed to clean everything in that room. Even if it means buying multiple bottles of the same cleaning products, keep a drawer, shelf or cleaning caddy in each room with the products and supplies needed for that room. By doing so, you save loads of time from always hunting around for the supplies you need in the moment. It also makes it more likely you will give something a quick clean while you are in there because you have the supplies at hand.

3. Toss the Polish

One cleaning product you do not need on any shelf, drawer or category, nor need to buy ever again, is furniture polish. According to the experts, furniture actually accumulates less dust when you forego the furniture polish. Instead, just use a dry microfiber cloth. All you need is to wipe hardwood floors and wooden furniture down with that once or twice each year or anytime they start looking foggy to keep them looking plenty smooth, shiny and dust-free year-round.

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4. Clean Toilets with Denture Tablets

Say goodbye to scrubbing toilet bowls. Instead, pick up some denture cleansing tablets. Drop one into the toilet bowl and let it fizz. After it finishes fizzing and sits for several minutes, flush it down and admire the results.

5. Line Parchment Paper Over Refrigerator Shelves

In a refrigerator, simple drips and spills can run through metal grates onto lower shelves and into the crevices and seams of plastic drawers and attachments. Sticky containers and cookware can leave grime caked on that is difficult to scrub off. To save yourself the trouble of cleaning these troublesome messes, line your refrigerator shelves with parchment paper. When a mess occurs, simply replace the paper liner with a fresh piece.

6. Soak Up Spilled Wine with Salt

If you spill red wine on clothing, furniture or rugs, simply sprinkle some salt over it. As you leave it to sit for several hours, the salt will draw the stain straight up from your rug. Once the salt has absorbed all the red wine from the rug, run a vacuum over it to suck it all up, and wipe off any excess remaining.

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7. Clean Mirrors with Tea

To clean the mirrors in your home, brew some black tea. Let it cool. Then, take a clean cloth, dunk it in the tea and wipe your mirror thoroughly with it. The tannic acid in the black tea will help cut the grime on the glass and make it easy to wipe right off. The bonus is that it is non-toxic.

8. Use Lemon to Cut Grease

Rather than soaking a greasy pan for hours, rub a cut piece of lemon across it. After a few minutes, the lemon’s natural citric acid will soften the grime. Then, you can simply wipe it off and wash it clean. Do not waste any extra lemon you have left over, either. Instead, add it to your drinking water or use it to garnish a dish.

9. Let Your Blender Clean Itself

Put an end to cutting up your fingers while cleaning sharp blender blades. Instead, fill up the blender with warm soapy water and turn it on. The blender will clean itself before your eyes. Then, rinse it out with fresh, clean water and leave the pieces out to dry.

10. Let Your Socks Clean Your Floors While You Walk

When you walk around your home, instead of wearing your shoes or slippers, wear microfiber socks. They pick up dust and dirt and hold on tight. Then, you simply toss them into the laundry to wash clean while you don a fresh pair to continue keeping your floors clean and free of debris.

11. Clean Ceiling Fans with Pillowcases

Dust clings to fabrics like bed linens. Pillowcases happen to be designed with a shape that lends itself well to wiping objects high up. Simply stick a broom or mop handle into the open end of a pillowcase and you can dust ceiling fan blades way up by the ceiling. Since the dust clings to the pillowcase, it will not fall onto your furniture, clothes or floor.

12. Improve Your Vacuuming Technique

This hack involves ways to make your existing vacuum clean more efficiently and effectively. First, go slower. Most people vacuum too quickly, and experts know vacuuming slowly ensures more dirt particles are picked up in the suction. Beyond that, vacuum in two directions: first vertically and then horizontally. This way, you are able to more reliably pick up trapped dirt.

13. Wash More Than Dishes in Your Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher, you have a handy cleaning helper for far more than just your dishes. You can stick all manner of washable knick-knacks into the dishwasher instead of washing them by hand. Almost any ceramic or glass object, for starters, can be washed safely in a dishwasher. Just avoid putting plastic and other materials that may melt in the dishwasher.

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