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Storage Solutions for Your Apartment

Whether you are considering downsizing to an apartment or have more items than space in your residence, storage plays an important role in keeping an organized living space.

When trying to downsize, you should keep in mind that what may have worked in previous moves may not work now. You may have some items that you feel that you cannot part with, but it is important to remember that keeping unnecessary possessions will only hurt you during this process.

The size of your apartment will dictate how severe of a downsize you need to make. Whether your apartment comes fully furnished with extra storage space or has little to no storage space at all, there are tips that you can use to ensure that you make the most out of your space. For more information on how to properly store everything in your apartment, the best furniture to buy, how to create extra storage space and more, refer to the sections below.

The Best Furniture to Buy for Small Spaces

If your apartment is small, it is in your best interest to be organized. When you are organized, you also create more space for items. While shelves can be a hassle to build and take up space, they provide you with an area to place other items. If you buy a shelf and a few baskets, you will create a new place to store magazines, blankets, towels and more. Investing in shelves will save you a lot of time and give you more variety when decorating or organizing.

If you find yourself running out of closet space, but still have clothes and shoes that need to be put away, you may want to consider sliding bins that fit right under your bed. This is the perfect solution for storing clothes and shoes that are not in season at the moment.

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to find more storage in your apartment is that you may need to be creative when organizing your space. Since you have limited space, you may have to store some items out in the open. If you have minimal floor space, the walls of your apartment can become an important space for storage. This is especially true if you are looking for space in your office. Investing in a double book shelf will give you space to place your computer right in the middle of the shelf, thus creating a wall office nook.

Finally, if you are running out of space for anything in your living room, an ottoman that opens to reveal more space may be a good purchase. Furniture that doubles as extra storage is both fashionable and convenient. These pieces of furniture can also act as extra seating. Ottomans can be hidden by sliding them under your table to create even more space.

Extra Storage in Your Bedroom

If you are struggling with space in your room or closet, something as simple as changing your hangers can make a world of difference. Hangers tangle easily, and tangled hangers take up more space. To prevent this, make sure that all of your hangers are made of the same material and facing the same direction. This will also ensure that your clothes will not fall off as often, while creating more space for more clothing.

While closets do provide storage for clothes and shoes, you may need more space than that. When it comes to your shoes, a shoe rack is the perfect addition that will create upward storage and allow room for other items.

Now that you have freed up some of the space in your closet, you should consider using that space for baskets. Baskets are the perfect disguise for clutter.

If there are items that you are not ready to part with, floating shelves are a great way to free up space. They usually hang a few feet from the ceiling and are an easy solution for items that you would like to keep but do not use every day. You can decorate these shelves so that it is not obvious that they are being used as storage. This can be done by hanging art pieces on the shelves or family photos.

Making the Most of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can easily become cluttered. Even once the bathroom has been decluttered, it is inevitable that it will clutter again. The only way to stop the cycle of clutter is to make sure that you have the right storage spaces in the bathroom.

Organization is key, especially in the bathroom. Even if you consider yourself to be organized, you may still feel like you need more space. To give yourself more space, make sure you are utilizing the entire bathroom, starting with the bathroom cabinet doors. By simply adding a removable rack to the inside of the cabinet door, you will create a space for more products. Caddies are also an essential bathroom addition that can hold whatever you need. Caddies are especially good for things that you may typically put under your bathroom sink.

Caddies can be great to put on top of the bathroom sink, but it is important to use one for your shower as well. Depending on the style, shower caddies can be placed on the side of the tub or on your shower head. This will create a new area to put your soaps, sponges, face washes and more.

Utilizing the inside of your medicine cabinet is also essential to making the most of the space in your bathroom. If you are struggling to find a place for small items, such as makeup or lotions, consider using cubbies that stick to the inside of the medicine cabinet’s door. These are great for holding everyday items. Similar to the caddy, the cubbies will keep things organized and ready to use.

By simply adding these small adjustments to your bathroom, you will free up a lot of space and ensure that your bathroom looks less hectic and cluttered.

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