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8 Benefits to Using Driveway Pavers

Asphalt or concrete are the standard-issue materials for most driveways, but they are plain and do not add much to the curb appeal of your home.

Driveway pavers add beauty to an area of the house that everyone sees and is often the largest, uninterrupted area of your home. Pavers add lots of curb appeal and are surprisingly affordable. If you want your home’s driveway to stand out from the crowd and give an immediate impression of elegance, consider driveway pavers.

Some of the objections to having driveway pavers installed instead of concrete or macadam revolve around the common misconception that driveway pavers are expensive, difficult to install and hard to maintain. However, they actually offer a myriad of choices and colors at reasonable prices, which you may not find anywhere else.

1.    Easy Installation

You can have a professional contractor install your driveway pavers in just days or do it yourself if you are a DIY aficionado. Either way, there will not be a concrete truck tearing up your lawn and you do not have to wait days or even weeks for the concrete to cure. Once the pavers are installed, your driveway is ready to be used.

2.    Reasonable Price

The way driveway pavers are manufactured  makes them less expensive than either asphalt or poured concrete. There are a wide ranges of prices available depending on whether you choose concrete, sandstone, clay or granite pavers.

This makes affordable for any budget, and repairs are also less costly, making them a bargain over the years. Part of this is because of the longevity of pavers. Expect your driveway pavers to last 25 years or more. In that same timeframe you can pay multiple times for repairs to asphalt or poured concrete.

3.    Easy to Repair and Maintain

When asphalt needs repair, it is a costly restoration process and you have to do it several times over the years. Concrete does not last as long and repairs are even more costly because you have to keep patching the cracks and eventually replace the entire driveway.

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Patching looks unattractive and is highly visible. With pavers, however, you simply have to remove the damaged paver stones and replace them with new ones. It is a quick and easy process and the driveway will continue to look like new. No one will be able to see where the old pavers were removed and the new ones put in, so your driveway always looks new.

Maintaining your paved driveway is even easier. You simply sweep the pavers to sweep away any sand back into the spaces between the pavers and occasionally use a garden hose to rinse away debris. If some grass or weeds sprout between the pavers, you simply pull them out and apply a bit of weed killer to keep them from returning. If the sand shifts at all after a heavy rain or flooding, you simply have the sand leveled and packed tighter to prevent a repeat situation.

4.    Durable

Paved driveways are very strong and withstand the weight of multiple vehicles for years without being damaged or cracked. They are durable enough to outlast asphalt and concrete for years. You may believe asphalt is the ideal material, but it is not as strong as pavers and often crumbles around the edges and becomes uneven as the asphalt settles over time due to exposure such as rain and sun. Pavers bear more weight without compacting or cracking and they are not damaged by the sun.

5.    Versatile Style

Installing driveway pavers gives you a great deal of design versatility you do not find with asphalt or concrete. Because paver stones are relatively small in style and fit together like the pieces of a puzzle, you can easily add angles and curves to your driveway with ease.

Individual pavers can be cut using a wet saw to create intricate patterns that interlock or fit against each other. The versatility of this medium makes it easy for you to create a one of a kind statement and design.

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Driveway pavers are made of concrete or brick or even cobblestone, giving you an impressive range of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. The paver colors go all the way through the materials so you do not have to contend with fading over time. Easily match the colors of your house or opt for a contrasting or complimentary shade to really make your driveway stand out.

6.    Stain Resistant

Using a simple sealer on your pavers keeps your driveway looking beautiful for years. The sealer prevents stains from spills, rubber and oil leaks that wash away with a bit of soap and water. This is vastly different from poured concrete, which stains quite easily, or asphalt which must be resealed and resurfaced every few years.

7.    Eco-Friendly

Driveway pavers are eco-friendly. Pavers are made from natural materials and they are not created through an artificial process. They are not chemically treated and do not require volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for the installation process, making them better for the environment. Because you do not have to periodically patch your driveway, you are disturbing your driveway and the surrounding area less.

Asphalt requires hot tar and asphalt for repairs and concrete driveways must be cleaned with powerful solvents that are dangerous to the environment and pets. To increase the eco-friendly nature of your pavers, there exists a wide range of substrates and fillers that still allow water to percolate into the ground, through the driveway.

8.    Safe

Driveway pavers come in a wide range of styles. If you want a driveway that is safe to walk on when the driveway is wet or iced-over, choose pavers with a rougher surface that gives you more stability and less chance of slipping when you walk on them. Both concrete and asphalt are smooth and become a hazard when you walk on them in inclement weather.

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