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Apps to Help You Visualize Decorating Ideas

This is the digital age. There is an app for everything, including visualizing home makeover ideas. These apps allow you to embody the phrase “work smarter not harder.”

Nothing quite says smarter like having your phone do the work for you. Apps play an extensive role in simplifying everyday tasks that are hard to complete. This is especially true when it comes to visualizing how you would like to decorate your space. So many apps have been developed that make decorating homes and getting ideas for decorations so much easier.

Even if you have no idea where to start, decorating apps are a fun way to determine what you are looking for. In addition to helping you choose a color scheme, many of these app do all of the work for you. Choosing to use a decor app could be the best decision you make when designing your rooms. They provide you with a simple way to decorate, renovate and shop, giving you more reason to start your home project. The majority of these apps are free, but even the paid apps are typically under $10. For more information on which apps can help you decorate and make the most of your space, refer to the sections below.

Apps That Do the Measurements for You

Measurements are of the upmost importance when it comes to hanging decorations or figuring out where furniture should go. Luckily, there are apps that can help you with measurements. These apps act as a personal tape measure. Using these apps could save you from purchasing a piece of furniture that is way too big for your space.

Lowes created an app specifically for the purpose of measuring. This is a handy app to download to avoid having to carry around a tape measure and is available free of charge.

The app uses augmented reality to allow you to measure anything that you see. Whether it is a space or an object, you can measure anything that you want with just your cellphone. All you do is open the app and allow it access to your camera, which will do the measuring for you. You can save the measurement information and have it readily available for the next time you go furniture shopping.

If you have already begun the process of designing your space, you should download MagicPlan. It is another free measuring app available on certain smartphones. To use it, pull out your phone and take a picture of your space. The app will magically turn your space into a floorplan with the accurate measurements. This can be helpful to show a contractor or interior designer helping you decorate the space. However, it can also be useful for you if you are undertaking a DIY renovation project. You even have the option to convert the photos to be exported through JPG, PDF or a DXF format for a small fee.

Arranging the Art and Furniture

When decorating, not knowing where to start can be a good thing. There is nothing worse than having an idea, following through on it and finding that the outcome is not exactly what you expected. To avoid these mishaps, there are several decorating apps that allow you to visualize what you want.

Try on Walls from Artfully Walls is an app that uses augmented reality. Free for iPhones and Android phones, the app is an online database hub for art. If there is a piece of art that you are considering buying, this app allows you to place it on a wall exactly how you envisioned. This app is great because you can create an art display on your wall and play around with the pieces without having to purchase them and hang them up.

RoOomy is another great app for designing your living space. You can do almost anything on this app, including shopping for the pieces of furniture that you are moving around in the app. This app converts 2D photos into 3D renderings, allowing you to get a more realistic feel of the furniture or art you are considering in your space.

Zillow Digs is another app that is helpful when visualizing a space. The free app customizes itself to your needs. After a few sessions using the app, it will begin to know what you like and suggest new items to you that you may not have seen before. The app allows you to organize your favorite images by color, style and space. If you are looking to redesign your kitchen or bathroom, the app has a cost estimate feature for items specific to these two areas.

Shopping for Your Space

Going from store to store, trying to visualize which furniture will look perfect in your home can be exhausting. Furniture shopping apps can take the stress out of finding the right furniture and allow you to shop from your home. They can even show you what the new pieces will look like in your space.

The Mine is an app that uses 3D augmented reality to place furniture you want to buy in your home. When you open the app, you can browse the catalog for furniture you like, then place a 3D image into your place to see how it looks. The photo mode feature allows you to take a photo, share it or even purchase the furniture, all inside the app. Be aware that the furniture on the app may not be exactly the same as the one you end up buying, particularly if you are attempting to save money on furniture.

The app also has a feature called “Concierge,” which helps you choose the best options for your space and guides you through the entire experience.

Hutch is very similar to The Mine in the way that they both use virtual reality to help you find furniture. Hutch does not have a concierge feature but does give you suggestions as to which pieces of furniture will look the best. Start by choosing which room you would like to customize. Next, the app lets you pick the furniture and shows you how it looks with the rest of the room. You get to customize everything from the rugs to the wall art. The furniture appears on the left side of your screen with a price tag. You can click on item details to find out where to purchase each item.

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