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Best Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2019

Few rooms can have as big of an impact on the feel of your home as the kitchen. Not only is this room in constant use, but the features will almost certainly reflect the aesthetics and style of the time at which it was last remodeled.

Looking at a new start for their homes and lives in 2019, many people may be planning to remodel their kitchen according to current trends.

The trends for 2019 stem from a desire to return to basics, while still maintaining an air of sophistication. Colors are often pared-down, with deep neutrals and monochrome finishes in matt. Metals and natural materials also see an increasing appearance, offering visual stimulation without making a loud statement. The designs of 2019 celebrate the combination of form and function, taking advantage of the fact that you no longer have to choose between practicality and appearance.

Minimalist Inspiration

While some of the more extreme minimalist styles are not suitable for everyone, 2019 is likely to see inspiration from the pared-down looks favored by minimalism enthusiasts. Minimalism requires as sleek and uncluttered a presentation as possible, often inspired by the rising popularity of Scandinavian influences.

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This style does not require a completely monochrome kitchen. However, decorative details are kept to a minimum, with carefully chosen color schemes to reduce visual confusion. With this trend, your style choices are more likely to be directly integrated into the kitchen, such as choosing a statement tile or cabinet color.

Natural Materials

One of the major factors guiding the 2019 kitchen trends is that of calm and relaxation. A popular way to achieve this effect is to bring natural materials into your kitchen design, incorporating the calm of the outdoors into your indoor life. Some more favored materials to include are:

  • Wood, preferably with a noticeable grain or texture for a rustic effect. Use staining to bring out the natural color.
  • Stone, which can help you achieve an industrial look. Marble is another option if you want a gentler or more classic option.
  • Rattan, jute, leather and other natural materials in your kitchen furniture and upholstery can add to a natural aesthetic. You could also use them if adding to a vintage feel.

Vintage Elements

Pure vintage design is unlikely to be seen anywhere in 2019, as the clean lines and convenience of modern elements will easily overcome this trend. However, bringing select vintage elements into your kitchen could be perfect.

The mixed, curated designs seen in 2019 lend themselves to carefully chosen pieces, with each item complimenting the other without needing to match. Vintage items such as pieces of furniture, vases or art could create an interesting feature, particularly when combined with a more modern look.

Statement Metals

The use of decorative metal fixtures is not entirely new, as brass and copper have seen a rise in popularity over the last few years. However, this trend is now expanding. New feature metals are now being added to those in trend, such as chrome and pewter.

In addition to this, 2019 is likely to see a rise in mixed metals. Using different metal tones can help add an element of intention to your space, indicating that each piece has been chosen individually. The eclectic nature of mixing metals can add interest to the design, without creating too much visual drama.

Backsplash Features

The backsplash is a practical feature of the kitchen. Although it may have been quietly integrated into the kitchen design in the past, 2019 is the year you can expect the backsplash to take center stage.

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Choosing decorative tiles in feature colors or textures will be a popular choice. Large-panel backsplashes offering a bigger impact will also be seen. The size of the backsplash may also change, as people take advantage of the design capabilities of this feature. You may see more backsplashes taking up additional space on the wall, perhaps even reaching the ceiling.

Concealed Hoods

One of the newer trends you should take advantage of when remodeling your kitchen in 2019 is the concealed hood vent. These hoods, when not in use, sit flush with the surrounding cabinetry, offering a streamlined appearance with additional space. They can then be easily opened whenever you need to use your stovetop.

The technology for expandable hoods has improved in recent years. In addition, the increase in popularity for this trend means you should be able to find a wide selection of materials and colors that can be suitable for any kitchen.

Integrated Storage

Although open shelving is likely to continue as a trend in 2019, those remodeling their kitchens will almost certainly want to take advantage of integrated storage possibilities. Built-in, integrated storage that has been designed to meet your personal needs will be easier than ever to achieve in 2019. By concealing your additional storage, you can present a sleek and modern aesthetic in your space.


More people than ever are now aware of the impact lighting can have on your health and mental state. Utilizing this knowledge when remodeling your kitchen can mean you are taking advantage of one of the healthiest design trends of 2019. Lighting may be particularly important to look at if you have chosen one of the darker color motifs on trend for 2019.

If you are planning a large-scale remodel, you may be able to bring additional natural light into your space. Larger windows or even a skylight can help improve the atmosphere of a dimly-lit kitchen. Otherwise, you can look for lighting options that will best resemble the effects of natural light. With the technological advances in this area, this should be available to all.

Open-Plan Designations

Those who have open-plan kitchen areas may enjoy the 2019 trend of using design elements to break up your space. A large, empty area can be difficult both to decorate and to use, and there are a few ways you can anchor different areas for different purposes.

Using pendant lights to break up different parts of the room can be a good option. The lights can be a focal design feature and will keep the space feeling airy. For a more defined space designation, room dividers, kitchen islands and built-in bench seating may be favoured this year.

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