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Do’s and Don’ts of Window Treatment in 2019

Window treatments are an added design element to your home. However, choosing the best treatments for your windows is a daunting task if you are not familiar with the process.

Selecting the right length, material and style is important, so if you lack experience decorating your windows, there are a few different factors you should consider. Learning how to select options to compliment your existing style makes the process easier to manage.

There are several decisions to make while selecting new window treatments for your home in 2019. Measuring your windows before buying curtains and selecting the right type of blinds are just two steps to take in creating the right style options for your home. Every room in your house is different and the window treatments you choose aid in creating an overall design aesthetic throughout each space. Keep the following tips in mind when you are ready to tackle this project.

Do: Learn How to Hang Curtains Properly

When hanging curtains throughout your home it is important to place them at the correct height. This helps to ensure that you are enhancing the windows in your home, instead of simply covering them up. Curtains typically reach below the windowsill or sometimes to the floor, depending upon the size of the space you are decorating. For example, if you choose curtains that only reach the windowsill, you shorten the overall appearance of your window treatments and make the room appear smaller. In choosing longer curtains, you can elongate the space.

Before you purchase new curtains at the store, make sure to measure the length of your window. This is necessary to determine the length of the curtains you need to purchase. Most designers recommend selecting curtains that reach the floor, or hover approximately one inch above the floor for optimal styling.

Once you purchase your curtains, be sure to position the curtain rods and required fixtures about 10 to 12 inches above the top of the window frame. If you situate the curtain rods and curtains too close to the window frame, you can restrict the amount of light entering the space and project a cramped look instead of an open and airy appeal.

Don’t: Go Overboard When Following Trends

While simply adding blinds or curtains alone helps you control the light in the room, it may not be as visually appealing as having a layered look for your windows. Layering curtains is one of the newest 2019 trends being adopted by designers across the country. When utilizing this effect, you pair shutters or blinds with your curtains to add an extra layer to the window treatments. Be sure to choose blinds and curtains in complimenting tones so your window treatments do not clash against one another.

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Following this trend correctly helps provide a more polished look to your space, but it is possible to go overboard if you are unsure of what materials to select to achieve the layering. For example, when you add too much fabric or too many materials to your window treatments, you can stifle the space and create more of a muddled appearance. If you choose heavier blinds, select light curtains to help project more light into the space without detracting from the necessity of these items.

Do: Choose Shutters or Wide-Slat Blinds

Choosing the correct shutters or blinds for your windows is essential. Cheaply made blinds tend to break and tangle easily. This is especially true if you have children or pets, as they may accidentally break the blinds when sitting near the windowsill. To avoid this issue, you are advised to select wide-slat blinds in a wood or faux-wood material to add durability and a sense of polish to the room.

While you may spend more for these options than the plastic variety, they are likely to last longer, which saves you from having to replace them in the near future. Investing in high-quality window treatments also helps boost the resale value of your home.

Shutters are another durable, high-end alternative to the traditional plastic blinds found in most homes. Indoor shutters or plantation shutters are stylish options and are available in several different colors. By choosing shutters instead of blinds, you are adding another design element to your home while helping to establish an easy-to-use system for controlling the light entering each room of your home.

Don’t: Use the Same Window Treatments in Every Room

Whether you are selecting new curtains or are purchasing updated blinds, do not choose the same treatments for every room in your house. The purpose and vibe of each room varies, and your choice in decor should reflect this variation. Moreover, the size and location of the windows are likely different as well. Simply choosing one set of curtains to hang throughout your home can quickly ruin the design you already established in these crucial spaces.

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Take the time to measure each window in your home and determine what color, style and size curtains work best in each of these spaces. Then, choose a shutter option or a style of blinds that compliments the curtains you want to add to each room. You can use the same blinds throughout your home if you are choosing a neutral option, but make sure to select different curtains to enhance the overall design aesthetic.

Do: Choose Practical Options

While visual aesthetic is one of the most important factors when upgrading your window treatments, remembering the functionality of these items is equally important. Purchasing new shutters, blinds or curtains is an effective way to control the light, temperature and noise of each space.

For example, by choosing thicker curtains for a living room facing the road, you are reducing the amount of noise entering the room throughout hours of heavy traffic. Likewise, if you want your room to stay dark during the day because you work an overnight shift, opt for blackout curtains over light-weight curtains.

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