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Easy Renovation Tasks You Can DIY

Looking around your house, you may be able to think of a few things here and there that could use some work to be more functional or look their best.

However, should you hire a professional renovation business to do the project that you want? Doing so will certainly ensure that the project is completed correctly and on time, but it can also be expensive and even overpriced, if you are not careful. Even if you do not consider yourself a very crafty person, though, there are plenty of do-it-yourself (DIY) renovations that you can do without spending a ton of money.

The Benefits of DIY

By far, the biggest and most common reason for someone to tackle a DIY renovation is to save money on a renovation. Private contractors bring experience and their own materials to a renovation project, but they can charge fairly high amounts just to provide their time. If you do not mind buying your own tools and materials, choosing to do your own smaller renovations can save a lot of time and money.

However, there are also other reasons to opt for a DIY project instead of hiring someone else. For example:

  • It allows you to learn something new : DIY projects are rarely unique. If you are looking to re-stain your backyard deck, there are hundreds of online articles and video tutorials to teach you that process step by step. Then, once you have completed the process successfully, you will have a valuable new skill that you can use in the future.
  • It ensures that your project is done the way you want it : Paying for a contractor to come out and complete your renovation projects is convenient, but if you have strong opinions about how you would like the project done, it may be difficult to work with one. Instead, why not take matters into your own hands? By doing your painting or construction by yourself, you can take the time to do it exactly how you like it, and you do not have to pay for any extra time put into perfect the project!
  • It can give you the pride of making something yourself : There can be a lot of satisfaction in showing off your home to others and pointing out which items you made yourself. However, even without that external validation, it can simply feel good to know that you have created something with your own hands. You may even feel more attached to certain pieces of furniture and additions if you made or adjusted them yourself.

All of these factors can make DIY renovations both rewarding and financially attractive. There is certainly no shame in getting outside help in building or renovating any part of your house, but if you can avoid doing so, the advantages listed above will certainly make your DIY project valuable and memorable.

Caution Tips & Preparing for Your DIY Home Renovation

Before you jump right in to choosing a paint color for your walls or tearing them down altogether, there are a few things to keep in mind. To start, you must find out if you are even allowed to do renovations in your home. Many people who rent an apartment or a home have specific clauses in their leases that prevent renovation projects that are not approved by the landlord or property manager. If you choose to knowingly or unknowingly break this clause, you could be charged with some serious fines and even be evicted.

If you are a private homeowner, you should be safe to do whatever DIY projects you want. However, there are a few restrictions. Projects that involve plumbing, electrical wiring or digging underground should be done with extreme caution or performed by professionals. Not only can you damage your home by doing something improperly, but you can also seriously hurt yourself if something goes wrong. Additionally, projects that stretch over your property line or provide a major distraction to your neighbors may need to be approved by the relevant government agency.

Finally, it is important to consider whether or not it is truly worth attempting your DIY project. Undertaking projects like building your own tool bench or dresser can be excellent way to save money on a tight budget if done correctly. However, projects like those are not necessarily easy and may be best left to professionals unless you have an eye for construction or are willing to put in meticulous hours of work.

However, if you are good to go with your DIY renovation idea, you are ready to buy the tools and materials that you might need. Your local hardware, craft or paint store is likely to have what you are looking for. However, you may need to shop around online in order to find specialized or unique materials. Once you have everything that you need, it is time to begin your project.

Some Easy DIY Renovation Ideas

It should be noted that you should not necessarily be afraid to take on a big project, but if you are newcomer to the DIY scene, it may be best to start off slowly. Some easy ways to personalize your space that you can tackle even as a newbie include:

  • Painting anything that needs a fresh coat : Whether your walls are looking dull or your cabinets do not match your kitchen’s theme, painting is an easy and accessible renovation that almost anyone can accomplish in very little time. Be sure to buy enough paint to cover whatever area you are painting twice, though. This is especially true if you are painting over bright colors.
  • Installing new, functional pieces : Interestingly enough, installing a ceiling fan, shutters, water filter or even a new dishwasher is not as complicated as it may look. Many home improvement stores will try to convince you to have a technician come to your house, but their installation fees can be far too high. By following detailed instructions, however, you can safely and efficiently install these appliances yourself in just a couple of hours.
  • Re-upholstering or re-staining old furniture and wood : If your chair looks like it is starting to fall apart or your wooden doors look like they are starting to fade, there are solutions that you can provide. Re-upholstering requires some fabric and replacement padding, springs and webbing (if needed). Re-staining just requires sanding the piece, applying paint thinner and varnishing the wood. These processes can be time consuming, but they are often much cheaper than getting new furniture, doors and decks.
  • Caulking your bathroom tiles and bathtub : This is perhaps one of the easiest home renovations out there, if you follow the right steps. Caulk is very inexpensive, and it does not take too much effort to put it between the cracks of your bathroom tiles in order to prevent mold and mildew forming. With the right tools, this can be accomplished in around one hour.

Of course, there are many other types of home renovations that are especially conducive to DIY. Learning what you can and cannot do is very important, and when you decide that you have the time and resources to take on a project yourself, the right preparation can save you money and time.

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