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How to Create a Stylish Entryway

Your entryway is the first impression you give to visitors. It is also the room that greets you at the end of each workday. While you may view the space as a throwaway area, your entryway serves as an added design feature of your home.

Whether you are looking for more storage or just want to hang a long-forgotten art piece, your entryway can take on any style you want. You do not need to undergo a lengthy or costly renovation to install a sense of style in your entryway. All you need is a free afternoon and a few curated pieces. Unlike other home renovations, you do not need previous experience to spruce up this area of your home.

Depending on your preferences, you can take a minimalistic or maximalist approach to designing your entryway. Paint and colorful wallpaper are easy ways to bring a splash of color into the space. You can also bring in additional storage to make the space functional and stylish. Repurpose furniture from other areas of your home to keep the budget minimal during your re-design. Use the following ideas to create a warm and welcoming entryway to your home.

Create a Catchall Corner

If you lead a busy lifestyle and are often yearning for more storage space, view your entryway as a catchall corner for your miscellaneous items. An upholstered bench brings warmth and functionality to the space. This style is also practical, allowing you to store items underneath the bench, such as shoes and umbrellas. You can also install a wall-mounted shelf with hooks to accommodate additional everyday items, such as pet leashes and jackets. By creating a space where your most used items are readily available, you decrease the amount of time you spend searching for them when you exit your home.

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To enhance the feel of the entryway without compromising its functionality, add a rug or hang wall art. Placing decorative storage containers in complementary colors and textures underneath your upholstered bench allows for optimum storage with added style. They also help limit clutter.

Use Mirrors to Make the Space Seem Larger

Having mirrors in a small entryway increases the sense of space when entering the room. A floor-length mirror helps the space feel larger, as the mirror works to reflect the natural light found within your home. You can lean the mirror against the wall for a casual effect, or hang a framed mirror on the wall to add an artistic feature to your entryway.

An added benefit of having a mirror in your entryway is to check for any last-minute touchups before heading out the door. When opting for the lean mirror effect, select a minimalistic bench to place in front of the mirror for a more cohesive effect. This provides you with a place to sit when you take your shoes off after work and makes it seem like the entryway was a planned design and not something you threw together at the last minute.

Install a Floating Console

If your entryway is too small to accommodate a freestanding console, choose a floating console to help increase storage without decreasing space. Floating consoles are available in a variety of styles and colors, and have an easy installation process. Installing floating cabinets is an alternative option if you are not interested in the console designs. By having a floating console or set of cabinets, you give your home a bonus storage area without cluttering up the floor to achieve this effect.

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Choose a few decorative items to place on top of the cabinets or console to enhance the overall design of your entryway. This can include family photos, a small-planted succulent or some uniquely painted vases to add color and texture to your renovated space. Placing a no-slip rug in front of the console offers an added design element and provides a sense of comfort when entering your home.

Add Texture

One of the easiest ways to incorporate style in your entryway is to play with textures and textiles to enhance the appearance of this heavy-traffic area. Choosing a statement rug, such as an animal print or a brightly colored runner, gives the space a unique personality. Pair the statement rug with a gilded framed mirror, or perhaps a large art piece that did not fit in other rooms of the house. The entryway serves as a representation of your personal style, so choosing pieces you are passionate about helps breathe life into a dull, forgotten area.

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By playing with the textures in your entryway, you provide warmth and depth while creating visual appeal. If you are placing a bright rug on the floor, choose an ornate picture frame for a photograph you took on a recent vacation in a complimentary color. This helps provide a cohesive feel for your space without limiting you to one stylistic approach.

Take A Minimalistic Approach

Regardless of the size of your entryway, opting for minimalistic options produces a sleek design and helps the space remain functional. Choose a bench constructed of leather, metal or wood and place it inside the doorway so you have a place to sit when you are taking off your coat and shoes. Pair this bench with a thin framed mirror or a small sconce to add brightness to the space without creating extra flair.

If you have children, you can place a series of simple hooks along one wall of your entryway to provide your children with a designated space to hang their coats, scarves and hats during the colder months. Place a metal umbrella rack near the doorway to give yourself somewhere to put down a wet umbrella without tracking moisture through the rest of your home. If you have a dog, opt for a moisture-wicking rug for your entryway. This allows you to catch some of the mud and debris your pet accumulates during outdoor walks.

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