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Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2019

When planning a kitchen redesign, choosing your cabinet style can be one of the most important decisions. Cabinets will often cover a large portion of your kitchen, and can have a huge impact on the appearance of the room.

As such, the color, material, style and fixtures should all be considered carefully. When looking at the top kitchen trends for 2019, you can find many ways to reflect the year’s design ideals in your cabinet choices.

Some of the more popular kitchen trends for the year rely on color choice, of which the actual cabinet color will play a big part. The use of certain materials has also come into focus in 2019, and the look of your cabinets can be integrated or contrasted with these accordingly. Design-based factors, such as the integration of aesthetics like minimalism or vintage, should also be considered when you plan the appearance of your cabinets. Review the following guide for tips on choosing the best cabinets for your 2019 kitchen.


One of the more daring cabinet trends projected for 2019 is that of contrasting cabinets. Generally, cabinet design is unified throughout a kitchen, offering a single design element in the space. Some might be concerned that involving more than one cabinet design may make the kitchen seen chaotic. However, making your choice carefully can allow for variation in your space while still providing design cohesion.

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This contrast could be implemented by having one color choice for the lower cabinets, and another for upper cabinets. You could also contrast the cabinet doors and drawers with their surroundings for a frame-like effect. Another popular option is to use different shades of a single color, or choose complimentary colors for a more dramatic effect.

Dark Colors

Dark paint colors may have already been cropping up in a number of kitchen designs during 2018, but it seems likely to continue as a popular trend in 2019. This may be an especially favored choice when paired with metal fittings and handles. Some of the most popular shades for 2019 include the following:

  • Dark green adds an edge and sophistication to the kitchen. It also offers a dark option without requiring commitment to an entirely neutral pallet. The more popular tones, like olive and hunter green, work well with many of the other kitchen trends for 2019 as well.
  • Black is most commonly found in matte when used for cabinetry in 2019. Combining this with other black elements in different finishes, or with natural materials, can result in a stylish and highly contemporary feel.
  • Navy combines some of the best elements of vintage and modern. It can be used in almost any design to add depth and edge.

Subtle Neutrals

While all-gray is no longer as popular as it was in previous years, lighter neutrals will still be found in many trendy 2019 kitchens. For example, variations on gray can be used with warmer and cooler tones offering different options. Beiges, “greiges” and other natural hues can all fit into the neutral trend.

Another color that will commonly be considered more of a neutral in 2019 is pink. When used in a dusty or light blush tone, it can function as a neutral while adding a playful warmth to your space.

Raw Wood

Wood is seeing an increase in popularity as well, thanks to the rising trend of natural materials in the kitchen. The more intriguing woods for this trend will be those with a noticeable texture, adding to the rustic appearance of the material. Sleeker woods are also popular, however, for a more refined aesthetic.

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A subset of this trend is the use of reclaimed wood. This may be particularly popular with those who want to use sustainable resources. From a design perspective, you may find reclaimed wood can also help add a sense of character and history to your space.

Statement Handles

The handles of your cabinetry should not be overlooked when planning the appearance of your kitchen. There are many ways to integrate your design intentions into your cabinets by choosing statement handles. Two of the most popular choices including the following:

  • Mixed metals is one of the major kitchen trends of 2019. Warmer metals have been particularly popular in recent years, although cooler shades in materials such as pewter are now coming in as well.
  • Natural materials such as wood handles and leather pulls can accentuate a calm, nature-inspired design. You could also use the warmth of these materials to contrast with the color of your cabinets.

Alternately, a play on the statement handle is the minimalist-inspired look of hidden handles. This trend fits into the intention of using your cabinet handles to impact the space. When going for a visually streamlined look, handles can cause visual interruption. Grooves in the side or underneath the cabinet door can therefore serve as an understated alternative.

White Touches

While the trend of all white is definitely out, touches of white can be easily integrated into a trendy 2019 kitchen. White can instantly create contrast, as well as providing a clean appearance when trying to achieve a modern, sleek look.

Using off-whites can be a great way to use this trend, particularly when they are combined with other neutrals or natural materials. However, if you desire a brighter, more playful look, the trend of feature colors will work well with a few white accents. The more saturated the color, the brighter the look will be. Alternatively, you could combine white and black for a stark, sophisticated look.

Open Shelving

In recent years, this trend may have seen you getting rid of your cabinet doors altogether. The light, airy appearance of open shelving has seen a rise in popularity, along with other minimalist design elements. However, you may find that having only open shelving makes the kitchen seem cluttered, and reduces your storage options considerably.

Replacing some of your cabinets with open shelving, however, will be a compromise seen more often in 2019. Open shelving could be placed on certain walls that you would like to open up into your space, or added below your existing cabinets. Adding shelves gives you an opportunity to integrate more material choices. For instance, you could choose an interesting metal, or a warm wood finish.

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