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Ways to Personalize Your Place

Your space should be unique to match your personality and needs. Your home should be a place where you can unwind and separate yourself from all of the stressors of your everyday life.

It should be a place where you can be yourself. The way that you decorate your apartment will differ from the way that other people would. This is what makes your apartment or home unique. Therefore, in order for you to get the most out of your home, it is important for it to reflect what is most important to you.

Having a space that matches your personality can increase your overall satisfaction with your home and make you feel more at ease. There are many ways of enhancing your living space to make your space feel personalized and welcoming that are not complicated or expensive. To learn how you can easily personalize your space, refer to the sections below.

Mood Lighting for Your Space

Lighting is important when personalizing your space. Because there are so many lighting options available, you should pick the one that you find the most flattering. It is important to note that overhead lighting is not mood lighting. Mood lighting should come with a dimmer. If you are trying to get the lighting right for your space, try using lamps. Even something as simple as placing a lamp in a corner will create minimal lighting that will set a mood for the room. Look for a floor or table lamp that matches your personality to perfect the lighting in your space.

Personalizing Your Space With Décor

When personalizing your space, candles are an easy way to add some personality to the room. The best thing about them is the fact that you can choose which ones you like the best. They can create an ambiance when lit that is both aromatic and relaxing. Candles can have an impact on any room in your home or apartment. Put them in a bedroom, living room or bathroom to add a nice scent to go along with the space’s personality. Just make sure to place the handles inside a glass candleholder for safety.

One of the easiest ways to decorate a home is by using plants. Greenery can go a long way when decorating a room. In addition to bringing life into a room, plants also add a bright color that complements everything. Plants can be a little complicated to maintain, but the payoff of the greenery may be worth it. Whether you like floor plants that sprout all the way to your ceiling or just small flowering plants, you cannot go wrong adding greenery to your room.

Another way to show off your personality is through rugs. As one of the most popular home décor items, rugs can be placed everywhere. You can put them in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or even on top of the carpet in your living room. If you really like rugs, try putting one in an unconventional place and watch how it brings that space to life. You could even try layering your rugs in an area to show off your design personality. Rugs are amazing because they tie a room together and pull out some of the hidden accents in the other pieces in the space.

One of the easiest ways to add personality to your space is with pillows. Because pillows come in all shapes, sizes and colors, it is easy to find a few that match what you are looking for. No matter your style, you will find a pillow that catches your eye and mimics your personality. Pillows are an easy way to incorporate whatever your style is. Whether they are modern, classic or funky, pillows alone can change the way you feel about your room. They can also brighten up your couch or your bed, making the furniture feel more personalized. Even neutral-colored pillows will bring out your sense of style.

If you want more ideas on how to decorate your space, there are several free decorating apps that can give you helpful decoration ideas and tips.

Try a DIY Project

There are several easy DIY projects that you can undertake to add personality to your room. One great project is a corkboard. They are just like regular bulletin boards, except they are made from cork. You can place anything on these boards. Display invitations, sticky note reminders, invoices, postcards and more on the corkboard to keep track of your busy lifestyle. They are a simple way to make any space look more personalized.

If you have tried using corkboards and really liked it, consider a cork wall. It is best to do this in a bedroom, but if you have another space that would fit a cork wall, that can work as well. To complete this simple DIY, just attach two large corkboard strips on the wall. This will make any room unique and allow you to pin personal items to the wall whenever you want.

Having books around the home will also make the space feel more personal and warm. The titles on display can all speak to your personality, interests and passions. A bookshelf can be filled with lots of books about whatever you are interested in.

Show off Your Collection

If you consider yourself an avid collector, your space should show that off. It is important to collect items that are of value to you. Items that hold memories and have stories behind them are great statement and conversational pieces to add to your residence. Collections are a great way to bring a sense of your personality into your living space.

While there are some homes that are luxurious and well designed, you do not want to own a place with no remnants of you. You need personal touches to add to your apartment or home. Placing framed pictures throughout your living room and bedroom is a great and easy way to add some personality to your space.

Any little trinkets that mean something to you would also be a good addition to your space. If you are a minimalist, place these trinkets on your mantle or beside your bed for an added touch of personalization without creating clutter.

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