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Best Places to Sell Home Items Online

Over the years you accumulate home items ranging from home décor to electronics and furniture. At some point, you realize you have more items than you need or want.

Often there is too much stuff stashed in your basement and attic or you grow tired of the décor in your bedroom. For whatever reason, you realize some of your stuff has become junk that needs to go.

Some of the things you do not want may be home items someone else would love to have, so don’t toss out your mismatched silverware or that watercolor painting.

Instead, check out some of the many websites and apps that let you post and sell your home items online. The following list features the best places to sell home items online in 2019.

The list is limited to websites or apps that focus on home items such as furniture, décor, electronics and books.


This is the granddaddy of all online marketplaces where you can sell anything second-hand. Sell empty mason jars, a complete bedroom set, gently used toys or your grandmother’s old fur coat. It has a global reach, millions of active buyers and sellers and has great recognition.

Because the market is global, however, you may have to pay a hefty fee to ship your goods to a buyer. This works best for small items rather than furniture or other heavy or bulky items.

Upside: It has a vast audience.

Downside: It costs you money to use it.


This site offers lots of services, including a platform for neighborhood news and gossip, in addition to a place to sell your household goods. The shopping platform is free and has decent tech support. You can sell anything from vehicles to clothes.

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It is nice because all your buyers are local, so you do not have to worry about shipping costs. Interested buyers visit you to see what you are selling or meet you someplace neutral.

Upside: All your buyers are local.

Downside: Not all members are shoppers.


The DeCluttr site is great for decluttering your home, especially if you don’t want to hassle with trying to price items like video games, books, electronics and DVDs. DeCluttr is particularly interested in iPhones, Kindles and other gadgets.

You simply scan the bar code on each item and DeCluttr sends you an offer. If you like the price, DeCluttr sends you a UPS shipping label. After your items are received, you are paid via PayPal. They do not accept furniture or clothing.

Upside: No cost to you and guaranteed sales.

Downside: Prices tend to be low.


Much like Nextdoor, OfferUp is a mobile app where you can buy and sell locally. It’s a great app for selling and finding cheap household goods and furniture, so if you are looking for a way to offload a canister set, dishes or a loveseat, you have a good chance with this app.

It is becoming incredibly popular and is user friendly, offering ways to negotiate pricing and arrange pickups without giving out your phone number. Sellers are also rated by users, which is handy for screening out scammers.

Upside: There are no ads and no fees.

Downside: It is local, so it has a smaller marketplace.


A more recent entry in the local marketplace, 5Miles lets you post home items to sell within a local radius. While it used to be a strictly five mile radius, it has recently widened its reach. It is still relatively small but growing quickly in popularity.

Obviously, this works best for people living in the city. If you try 5Miles in rural Iowa you will not have much luck. The site does help you arrange a safe place to meet and exchange goods for cash.

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Upside: It is strictly local and great if you live in the city.

Downside: It is bad if you live in the country.


You have probably seen ads on television and your social media for LetGo recently. You can easily post photos and descriptions to this app, converse with potential customers and set your location so people can find you and your goods easily.

Artificial intelligence lets you tag your items for others to easily find your goods. You have to get paid in person, so you cannot post something and sell it by shipping the item and asking to be paid via PayPal or other online service.

Upside: The app is free, and it is free to buy and sell.

Downside: You cannot accept payment through LetGo.


Originally developed as a way for college students to buy and sell textbooks, Cash4Books now sells any kind of book. If you have stacks of used books to get rid of all at once, this app is ideal.

You input the ISBN number, receive a price and decide if you want to sell your books all at once, this is a great way to do it. They even send you the shipping label.

Upside: You do not pay for shipping.

Downside: Services are limited to books.


The website is still the minimalist-looking site that has been around for decades. You can buy, sell and trade on the website or upgrade to CPlus for Craigslist, the app focusing on buying and selling. It is still slower than many other similar apps, however, if you are looking for a huge audience for your items, you will find it here.

You can also list your goods based on various categories, making it easy for shoppers to find you. There is minimal customer service and the anonymity means you might end up being stiffed by a seller, so proceed with caution.

Upside: There are free listings and a huge audience.

Downside: It is difficult to determine when someone is a scammer.

Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

If you are already on Facebook, it is easy to join any number of buy and sell groups sorted by location. Simply go to the “Marketplace” tab to join groups near you. There may be several close to you and you can list your products on each one once you join.

They are often focused on a particular county or city. Pay attention to group restrictions such as no firearms and no sale of pets.

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