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Home Automation Products for Senior Living

If you are a senior citizen or a caretaker for a senior, you may find that you can greatly benefit from using certain home automation products.

A home automation product, also called a “smart” product, is a device that can be programmed to work on its own and is often able to be accessed through a smartphone or other compatible device. There are so many different automated products on the market right now including automated light switches, motion sensors and more.

While nearly any smart device can be a benefit to senior citizens or caretakers, there are certain products made specifically to assist with senior living. Most aging seniors want to stay independent as they age and continue doing things themselves. However, some tasks get more difficult for aging adults. This is why certain automated products can be so beneficial since they can assist seniors and help them to stay safe with little to no effort required from the caregiver. To learn more about these products and their benefits, continue reading the sections below.

Medical Monitors

Standard monitors for blood pressure and blood sugar can be made even more useful if they are automated. There are devices available that will not only check the blood sugar levels or blood pressure numbers but will also send the results to compatible devices as well. This can be especially beneficial for caregivers so that they are able to access their loved ones’ most recent results and can even share the results with the physician. Plus, these devices keep the numbers stored safely for easy access in the future.

One of these devices is the Blip Blood Pressure Monitor. It can be used to track blood pressure results for up to two people, it features timely reminders with loud beeps, and it uses Wi-Fi to store the results so that they can easily be accessed by connected smartphones.

If the senior has a medical condition such as diabetes that requires the careful monitoring of his or her blood glucose levels, it is extremely important that he or she tracks the blood sugar levels frequently. The iHealth Smart Glucometer is a great product that can be used to record the results of each test and also allow caregivers to check to see if the tests have been completed and what the results are.

Security Products

Another important component of caring for an aging adult is ensuring that they stay safe at all times. One way to do this is to install an automated security system. A popular choice is the SimpliSafe Home Security System, which features various sensors and cameras all designed to keep the home completely secure. Of course, there are other highly-rated security systems available as well, so it is important to determine which system is best for the particular home and situation. Caregivers will also have the ability to monitor the security system through their phone no matter where they are, which provides an additional sense of peace of mind.

Motion Sensors

While certain motion sensors are used in automated security systems, there are other motion sensors available for different uses, as well. Motion sensors can serve the unique purpose of making the lives of senior citizens and their caretakers much easier. For example, the Mother Detector features multiple motion sensor “cookies” that can be placed on nearly any object to track its use. These sensor cookies can even be placed on certain medication bottles in order to alert the caretaker as to when the medication was taken.

Standard motion sensors may also be used in order to monitor where the senior citizen goes throughout the home, or to alert the caregiver if unusual motion is detected such as motion late at night, or motion that may indicate that someone has fallen.

Smart Pillbox

Taking medications at certain times is often an important part of the lives of many senior citizens. However, for senior caregivers, it can be difficult to know when pills are taken. This is why smart pillbox devices can be so beneficial. The Tricella Pillbox monitors whether or not each pill drawer is opened in order to determine if the medication was taken. If the drawer was not accessed, an alert can be sent to the caregiver so that the dose is not completely missed.

Light Switches and Bulbs

Motion-sensor light switches can be a big help to senior citizens as they allow for the lights to come on when someone enters the room so that they do not have to fumble around for the light switch. Also, in addition to motion-sensor light switches there are automated light bulbs available for use as well. The Philips Hue light bulbs and/or light switches can be used to provide someone with access to the lights from their smartphone or other compatible device. This allows users to check and see what lights are on or off and even make adjustments to the color of the lights if certain colored bulbs are used.

Reminder Clocks

Lastly, an automated reminder clock such as the Reminder Rosie can be very helpful for seniors and senior caregivers. These reminder clocks can be programmed to provide a reminder for when a particular task must be completed, such as taking a medication or calling a doctor, or it can be used to remind the user about an event such as a birthday party. Plus, the reminders can be recorded using a loved one’s voice, making it much more personal and effective.

Before Making a Purchase

Caregivers for aging seniors are often concerned with the health and safety of their loved one, especially if their loved one is living independently. While that concern will likely never go away completely, there are automated devices out there that can greatly help reduce that worry and stress. Whether automatic light switches are installed, a smart pillbox is used, or an automated medical monitor is used, a certain level of peace of mind is generally accompanied with each product. However, before certain products are purchased it is very important for the caregiver to determine what would be most beneficial for their loved one in addition to determining which products are compatible with their loved one’s home.

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