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Top Automated Home Cleaning Devices

Many people do not enjoy cleaning, and many people simply do not have a lot of time in their schedules to keep their homes as clean as they would like them to be.

Plus, if you have kids or pets in the home, a freshly cleaned home can quickly revert to being dirty and disorganized again. Luckily, automated cleaning products are available to help you with all of these chores, allowing you to spend that time and effort elsewhere.

An automated product, which is also commonly referred to as a “smart product,” is a device that can be programmed to work on its own and complete specific tasks. Automated cleaning products are frequently called robots because of their ability to work with little to no assistance from humans. There are so many different automated cleaning devices on the market today, and they range from automated vacuums, mopping machines, window cleaners and more. This means that no matter what type of home or apartment you have, there is most likely an automated cleaning device for you.

Some cleaning devices are more practical and efficient for certain households than others. For example, an automated carpet cleaner is likely a good fit for a household with pets, and an automated mop works especially great in a house with a lot of tile or wood flooring. If you are in the market for helpful automated home cleaning devices, you will want to check out the products listed below and consider what would be most helpful in your home.

Robot Vacuum

In most cases, when you think about automated cleaning products the first device that comes to mind is the robotic vacuum cleaner. One of the most popular brands of automated vacuums is the iRobot Roomba because of its strong suction and its ability to be programmed and completely controlled by an app on your smartphone. Its ease of use and ability to connect with systems like Amazon’s Alexa makes it a top contender among other robotic vacuums out there.

No matter which of the different types of iRobot Roomba vacuums you select, most of the features are the same. The robotic vacuum is powered by sensors that automatically guide the robot around your home, detecting dirt on its own and spending more time in dirtier areas to ensure the floor is left clean. The Roomba vacuuming robot also uses navigation software to travel around obstacles so that it does not get stuck. If you would like to save time by not having to vacuum or sweep your floors, the iRobot Roomba may be a good addition to your home.

Robot Mop

In addition to robotic vacuum cleaners, there are also robotic mops. The same brand that invented the iRobot Roomba also has a mopping robot available for purchase as well. The iRobot Braava is a square-shaped mopping robot designed to keep the hard floors in your home perfectly clean. There are two different robotic mops available, with the iRobot Braava jet 240 works best spaces up to 250 square feet and the iRobot Braava 380t is perfect for larger spaces up to 1,000 sq. ft. Regardless of which robotic mop you choose, both work to clean floors by spraying a cleaning solution and using a systematic cleaning pattern to scrub down the floors so you do not have to.

Handsfree Carpet Cleaner

Carpet can be difficult to keep clean, and when messes occur, it can be very troublesome removing stains. This is especially the case for pet owners or families with small children. Because carpet cleaning by professionals is often very expensive and using a standard carpet cleaner can be difficult and exhausting, the BISSEL SpotBot Pet Handsfree Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is a great alternative.

This automated carpet cleaner works by itself to automatically remove stains by spraying cleaning solution, scrubbing the carpet with brushes, and using suction to remove the dirty water. To use the machine, you simply place it on top of the stain and walk away as it cleans – saving you a lot of time and energy.

Robot Window Cleaner

Cleaning windows on the outside of your home can be difficult and even dangerous. Instead of hiring a professional window cleaning crew to tackle the task, you can purchase a window cleaning robot instead. There are a few different brands out there, but this Alfawise Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot is highly-rated and very effective. It attaches to the outside pane of window glass can be controlled by a remote while you safely watch. It utilizes microfiber pads to scrub the dirty glass surface and it also features backup power to keep it connected to the window even if it runs out of battery.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you are a cat owner, it is likely that one of your least favorite chores is cleaning out the litter box. Thankfully, there are self-cleaning litter boxes on the market that are designed to make your life as a cat owner much easier. One of these products is the Litter-Robot lll Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. It separates the clean litter from the waste by dropping the clumps into a carbon-filtered drawer. This litter box is especially convenient for households with multiple cats, and it is compatible with cats of all sizes.

Before You Buy an Automated Cleaning Device

Automated home cleaning devices can be very helpful since they can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to be spent on cleaning your home. These products are designed to work hard on their own so that you do not have to. However, before you commit to a product and make a purchase, it is important to ensure that the product is a good fit for your home. If you decide that a cleaning robot or self-cleaning device could be a benefit to your household, you may end up saving a lot of time and energy in the future.

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