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Cheap Home Hacks to Save You Money

With a bit of know-how, you can be well on your way to cutting down on household expenses and saving money.

As any good savings plan, it is important for you to calculate your budget by jotting down all of your household expenses including rent, utilities, subscriptions, groceries and other bills that you may pay. This is a crucial step in reviewing your expenses and finding savings that you may not have known existed. Television and internet bills are one of the easiest ways to find savings due to the competitive market. Most providers will offer exceptional savings if you choose to sign a contract. It is also important to be aware of all the little fees that can quickly add up, such as cable box rentals and internet speeds that are much higher than what you might need. Save on grocery expenses by creating a grocery list and utilizing couponing apps that can apply savings directly to your purchase. With so many ways to save, the possibilities are endless. To learn more life hacks that can save you money on household expenses, review the sections that have been provided below.

Write Down Your Household Expenses

If you would like to save more money on household expenses, then it is important to first write down the expenses that you experience on a regular basis. By having the exact amount of these expenses, you can compare the amount that you are spending to the amount of income that your household earns. This can help you to understand how much extra money may be available to you now and will provide you with a great baseline for moving forward on cutting back on certain expenses that may be unused or overpriced. Consider using a free mobile budget app or even Microsoft Excel to help you calculate expenses and create a financial goal. You may consider downsizing your housing situation or lifestyle if your expenses are higher than your income.

Cut Down on Television and Internet Bills

If you are not currently in a contract for your television or internet provider, then you are likely missing out on some exceptional savings. While there are many of us that do not like the idea of a contract, most big-name companies that provide television and broadband services will provide substantial discounts for entering contracts and overcharge you should you refuse. Obtaining a contract with a new provider or your current provider can cut down your internet and cable bill by up to 40 percent, especially if you shop around for a contract during opportune times such as near the holiday season. Some companies, such as Verizon, will even offer additional contract options and savings should you choose to have a landline phone installed in your home, even if you never use it.

When it comes to cable bills, most companies will charge you for each set-top box that you have within your home. These boxes allow a TV to receive cable, FIOS or satellite internet. The fees for these boxes can be as high as $10 a box. If you have several boxes in your home, then ensure that each box is being utilized and consider cutting back on the number of boxes in your home. Be sure to monitor premium television subscriptions such as Stars and HBO, as many companies will offer initial discounts and up to half-off of these premium channels for a specific period of time. When those offers expire, the cost of premium channels can quickly become expensive. If you have an expired premium channel, then consider canceling it if you are not able to obtain a better deal. Most television providers will begin to offer you the premium channel on a discount soon after the cancellation.

It is recommended that you review your internet bill as well, including the amount of download and upload speed that your current plan provides to you. While internet providers advertise higher speeds to be the newest and greatest amenity, that is not always the case. Most households do not need more than 40 megabits per second download speed, even if there are multiple computers in the home or gamers. Not only that but most routers, especially ones that are purchased outside of an internet provider, cannot support higher speeds unless the router specifically states that it can.

Cut Down on Your Water Bill

While not every renter or homeowner needs to worry about water and sewage bills, the majority of households will. If you pay a water or sewage bill, then there are a lot of ways that you can reduce the amount of water that your household uses and, quite literally, prevent your money from going down the drain. Automating your heating and cooling can save you money by reducing energy usage during times you are not using them, such as during work hours or during the night. Learn more about saving on your electric bill here.

Check for leaks in your sinks, faucets, toilets or accessible drains. Even a slow leak can not only add up over time but also worsen the longer the leak remains. If you have a washer or dishwasher in your home, then ensure that you have a full load before starting a cycle, as you will save more money on larger loads rather than several smaller ones. If you really want to cut down on your water bill, then consider taking a “navy shower.” Turn the water off while you are soaping up and turn the water back on only for the rinse.

Save Money on Groceries

Always make a grocery list before going to the store and stick to it! Impulse buying quickly adds up, even if an item was on “sale.” If it was an item that you did not necessarily need, then it was still an extra expense. Take advantage of couponing apps before visiting the store or clip coupons during your free time to help you save on groceries, paper products and pet food. There are a variety of free online apps that will provide you with an abundance of both store and manufacturer coupons. These coupons can generally be scanned directly from your phone to apply savings directly to your purchase.

Consider purchasing less organic food or buying generic brands rather than name brand foods. Often times, generic brands will taste the same and contain similar ingredients without the cost of paying for a brand’s name. Lastly, do not visit the grocery store while hungry, as studies show that you are more likely to partake in impulse buying. Discover more tips to help your family save on household costs here.

Make Your Own Snacks Instead of Purchasing Them

It is far less expensive to make your own snacks such as trail mix, cookies and cakes as opposed to purchasing premade snacks at the store. It is estimated that, if you were to purchase all of the ingredients needed to bake your own cookies, you could end up with four times as many cookies as a store-bought container. Not only do you end up with more of the snack that you are craving, but you end up spending less than you would buying the premade version of your snack. If you would like to save even more money on snacks, then consider making inexpensive snacks such as rice crispy treats.

Start a Coin Jar

If you find yourself with a lot of leftover change, then start a coin jar to keep all of your coins in one place. This is an effortless way to save money, as loose change can often fall out of pockets or be disregarded and forgotten. You will be surprised how quickly the coin jar will fill and how much money you will have to put towards household expenses once it has been filled.

Reduce Unused Expenses

Another great way to reduce your household expenses is to eliminate subscriptions and memberships that you may not be utilizing. While magazine and newspaper subscriptions may come at a low cost each month, these expenses really add up and cutting out unused subscriptions can often save households up to $150 each year. If you have a gym membership that does not get used often, then consider canceling the gym membership even at the upfront cost of a small cancellation fee.

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