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Studio Apartments

You may have heard of efficiency apartments or studio flats. These terms refer to the same kind of living space.

Studio apartments can be a great way to lower your housing costs while still allowing you the opportunity to live in a popular area. Minimizing your square footage at home also has many benefits, which could make a studio apartment the right solution for your housing needs.

When you are trying to find a new place to live, competitive markets might be pricing you out of larger living spaces or popular neighborhoods with the amenities and access you want. While studio apartments are not the answer for everyone, especially for families or even some couples, a studio can be ideal for a single person to get personal space without skyrocketing housing costs.

Find out all the details so you can see if these smaller spaces suit your needs for a new place to live.

What are studio apartments?

Studio apartments aim to maximize small spaces by creating a single-unit home with a living space, bedroom and kitchen all in one room. While the square footage can vary greatly, studio apartments tend to be much smaller than one-bedroom or larger apartments. Combining the spaces into a single unit does not have to mean that everything is cramped or that you live in a shoebox, although that can be the case in certain highly competitive markets like New York. Studio apartments can differ in layout and space from standard one-bedroom, offering more creativity in housing options and the perfect amount of space for your needs.

Studio apartments do have bathroom doors and walled-off spaces, so do not worry about that. They might even have semi-permanent walls or other dividers to offer other spatial divisions within the one-room design. Some even have walk-in closets or balconies that offer additional space for you and guests to utilize. The layouts can vary so be sure to look at the options in your particular area before signing a lease or moving forward with a purchase.

Benefits of Living in a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are a great alternative to sharing an apartment with a roommate or several roommates. If you want to cut costs without having to share space, consider a studio apartment for an affordable housing option. With those cheaper costs, you might also be able to find a studio apartment within your price range in an area of the city you would not otherwise be able to afford. Consider potential views that you might enjoy or areas that provide access to your favorite places when budgeting for a studio apartment. If you can afford more, then a larger studio or a studio with views might be a better option than a one-bedroom lacking in location or luxury.

Remember that you housing costs include not just monthly rent or mortgage payments, but also the costs of maintaining and operating the home. Electricity usage is much lower if your square footage is lower, with fewer lights and appliances required to use the space. Heating and cooling costs will also be lower in a studio apartment, given the lower amount of energy required to heat or cool less square footage.

Studio apartments also minimize your space, forcing you to minimize your belongings. When you can only accommodate a small number of items in your home, you end up deciding what is most important to you and arranging your lifestyle around it. The bonus of minimizing your belongings is that you spend less time and money keeping everything clean and maintained. The fewer pieces of furniture you have, appliances you own, decorative items you choose will translate to lower costs, and less energy spent keeping your home tidy and clean.

How to Live in a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments can present certain challenges with furniture and decor, with smaller spaces sometimes limiting your options. However, you can still get creative with small spaces and ensure you have everything you need, and a few things you want to make your space feel like home. Decorators often recommend that you try to separate your bed from the rest of your living space with bookshelves, room dividers or curtains. This creates the illusion of a separate bedroom without having to pay for the extra square footage. This same trick can be used for all your areas; something as simple as a rug in your living space or a different color scheme in your kitchen can facilitate that feeling of different spaces for different purposes.

Also, be sure to minimize your clutter. Living in a smaller space requires less, but we all tend to accumulate much more than we actually need. Try to minimize the clutter and hide away whatever items you do accumulate to offer yourself the most usable space possible.

Your lighting can also help you maximize your space by illuminating every corner to make it feel bigger and brighter. Finally, try to fill your studio apartment with dual- or multi-purpose furniture or accessories. The more you can do with less, the larger your space will feel.

Is a studio apartment right for you?

If you live in an urban area with a competitive rental or real estate market, you might want to consider moving into a studio apartment. Cutting the initial costs of rent or a mortgage is helpful on a long-term scale, while cutting monthly expenses for utilities plus the initial costs of furnishing and decorating your home can all add up to truly big savings. When your housing space is small, your bills are also reduced.

If you are looking for affordable housing as a single person or couple, a studio apartment may be large enough. If you are concerned about the space being too small, look for studio apartments with high ceilings and lots of natural light, plus plenty of storage space. These can help make the space feel much larger. If you choose a studio apartment, make sure to keep the aforementioned tips and tricks in mind to get the most out of your new home.

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